Our services



Drilling works:

  • hole boring, drilling, chamfering and reaming;
  • holemaking for the fixing structural elements.


Lathe works:

  • machining of external and internal cylindrical surfaces;
  • drilling, hole enlarging and reaming, thread forming;
  • machining of parts, having diameter up to 320 mm and length up to 2700 mm;
  • machining of parts such as 'disk' with diameter up to 600 mm;
  • manufacturing of the parts: shafts, disks, axles, fingers, flanges, rings, bushings, nuts, couplings,


Milling works:

  • face and profile milling;
  • slot milling;
  • machining of the external and internal surfaces of different configurations.


Coordinate-boring works:

  • worktable size is 1000 x 630 mm;
  • the largest diameter of drilling is 30 mm;
  • the largest diameter of boring is 250 mm.


Grinding works:

  • flat grinding;
  • circular exterior grinding;
  • circular internal grinding.


Plasma cutting:

  • plasma cutting along the outline with the use of CNC machines (sheet thickness is up to 30 mm);
  • gas cutting along the outline with the use of CNC machines (sheet thickness is up to 150 mm);
  • size of the cutting table is 6х2.5 m.

Plasma cutting compared with gas cutting provides a smaller number of parts deformations. Table rigid structure eliminates its vibrations and provides sheet horizontal position on its surface, which allows cutting with a 0.1 mm deviation.


Welding services:

  • semiautomatic welding;
  • manual arc welding;
  • argon-arc welding;
  • gas welding.


Heat Treatment:

  • steel annealing;
  • normalization;
  • steel hardening;
  • steel tempering.


Stamping work section:

  • manufacture of metal products, parts made of rolled steel sheets or strip made by means of stamping, cold and hot pressing on mechanical crank presses with use of a tooling (dies and molds);
  • stamping of metal products on their own dies and molds, as well as the dies of the customer;
  • designing and manufacturing of tooling for metal cold forming.

Design documentation development and tracking

Stages of designing preproduction:

  1. Technical design specification
  2. Technical proposal
  3. Draft project
  4. Technical project
  5. Working project





Other services

  • making of arches and ceilings;
  • manufacture of ladders, gates, doors, coverings, racks, and other welded metal structures;
  • repairing of trailers;
  • preparation under painting through the use of sand-blasting and painting of parts by using the airless spraying;
  • manufacture and restoration of augers;
  • manufacture of self-flowing pipes.