Interrow cultivator "FIGHTER"

Interrow cultivator "FIGHTER"

Interrow cultivator with variable row spacings from 30 to 75 cm is designed for interrow cultivation of a wide range of crops: corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet, peas, beans, etc.

  • There is used spring-loaded vibration shanks 32x12 mm as working parts. Equipped with arrow-shaped hoes of 150 mm/200 mm width. Optionally, you can complete with hoes having 300 mm width or a chisel of 30 mm.
  • With the purpose of additional soil loosening within a row or strip of seeding optionally there are installed sections with a finger hoe.

The automatic precision steering system with iron (or rubber) copying wheels allows the cultivator to follow the tractor precisely and cultivate very close to the rows without "cutting" the plants.
The depth adjustment is carried out with the help of a adjusting spindle of the support wheel on a parallelogram, which allows precisely to copy the ground relief, and guarantees a constant depth of tilling.
A special wide wheel allows you to work even with a very moist soil without adherence of soil.

  • The parallelogram driving of the soil tilling depth in each row.
  • The depth adjusting by means of the adjusting screw and the support wheel 'Farmflex'

Technical characteristics of the interrow cultivator "FIGHTER"

Effective working width, m

from 4 to 12

Working width of 1 working section, cm

from 15 to 70

Frame height, cm


Depth of soil tilling, cm

from 3 to 10

Working members

arrow-shaped hoe 150, 200, 300 mm

Required power of tractor, hp

from 80

  • The parallelogram driving of soil tilling depth on each row. Setting the tilling depth by means of the adjusting spindle.
  • An active precision steering device avoids the cutting of rows.
  • High frame passage up to 800 mm and smooth adjustment of the row spacing width.
  • Hydraulic folding from the tractor cabin.
  • Tools resistant to clogging that provide work even with strong weediness. Well-adapted so-called "vibration teeth".
  • Avoidance of soil adherence due to the action of a wide support wheel with a special tire.
  • The use of a cultivator allows reducing the amount of plant protection products applied.
  • It is possible to install a pneumatic or mechanical fertilizer hopper (option).
  • Soil loosening inside a number of cultivated plants using a comb harrow (option).
  • Protective shields on the bearing support provide reliable protection of cultivated plants from cutting (option).