Drill "PRIME"

Drill "PRIME"



  1. 1. Step-by-step transmission with a mechanical drive. In future, the change-over is planned to the electric drive
  2. 2. Seeding apparatus 'Valkiria'
  3. 3. The system for the application of main fertilizers with a hopper equipped with a mixer
  4. 4. Seed hopper
  5. 5. The system for the application of start or micro fertilizers in seedbed with a seed
  6. 6. Mechanical system for regulation of the application rate of main fertilizers
  7. 7. Inoculation application system during seeding
  8. 8. A pair of trail markers
  9. 9. Support-transport wheels
  10. 10. Driving wheels of the system for the application of the main
  11. and start fertilizers and seeding apparatus

The vacuum chamber and the seeding disk rotate at the same time. The innovative design is equipped with a suction chamber, where the seeding disk and selector are fastened by means of magnets. Without compaction, friction, virtually no wear and no tools for changing the hinged discs, the distributor ensures maximum precision of sowing, even during the rapid movement of the drill (10-12 km/h, without spaces and duplicates).

Number of seeding apparatus, pcs.


Number of openers for the application of main fertilizers, pcs.


The seeding method


Number of rows/row spacing width, cm

12/70; 18/45; 12/45х15;
12/50х20; 4/120


working dimensions, m



Transport Dimensions, m



A number of gears in gearbox for seed rate


Volume of seed hopper, kg


Depth of planting seeds, cm

from 3 to 10

Volume of fertilizer hopper, kg


The rate of the main fertilizers, kg/ha

from 100 to 800

Depth of main fertilizer application, cm

from 5 to 13

Volume of hopper for start (micro) fertilizers, kg


Number of hoppers for start fertilizers, pcs.


Application rate of start (micro-) fertilizers, kg/ha

from 7 to 60

Placement depth of start (micro-) fertilizers, cm

into seedbed

Inoculation placement

into seedbed

Container volume for inoculant, l


Number of containers for inoculant, pcs.


Required power of tractor, hp


Harrow opening discs with 9° angle, reducing the seeding time, increase the seeding speed and drill productivity.

The breaker of plant residues with a cutting knife carries the soil cutting, which facilitates the entry of a two-disc opener into the ground.

4-speed mechanical adjustment system for hold-down V-shaped wheels and their inclination angle, depending on the soil-climatic conditions.

Convenient mechanism for the seeding depth adjusting.

Accuracy and uniformity of seed distribution in a row during seeding.

Strip seeding of soy beans, peas, beans with row spacings 15x45 cm.