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About company А3Tech-Ukraine

LLC 'A3Tech-Ukraine' – a youthful, innovative company that has already established itself as a responsible, progressive manufacturer of high quality agricultural machines.  This is a reliable, high-quality and functional farm equipment that are perfectly adapted for use in the Ukrainian soil and climatic conditions. The high work output of the agricultural machinery together with its short payback period allows you to optimize the work of both large agricultural enterprises and small farms.

From 2017, LLC 'A3Tech-Ukraine' based on Shepetivka's cultivator manufacturing plant have started producing high-quality innovative packaged units for agricultural purposes and accessories to the units.

LLC 'A3Tech-Ukraine' has the completed cycle of production, and existing industrial base and qualified personnel allow to solve the most complicated tasks.


  • LLC 'A3Tech-Ukraine' was among the first manufacturers who responded to requests of agrarians, departed from the standard conveyor production of agricultural machinery and began to design its almost on a by-order basis. We, in company, pay much attention to the needs and suggestions of farmers and respond to their requests. Usability, simplicity, versatility and innovativeness of newly created machines satisfy the requirements of both farmers and agribusiness holding companies.
  • For example, we have developed a new unparalleled line of machines for strip seeding of soybean, corn, beet, sunflower and for handling of plants, especially for handling of emerging crops.
  • The technical line includes: Smoothing Spike Harrow 'BŠhZ-7', Sub-Soiler 'Hercules', Spring Harrow 'Comber', Precision Air Drill 'Prime', Interrow cultivator 'Fighter', Ripper for crop remains 'Zoro'. Use of new packed units not only will increase the number and quality of the harvest, but also will allow unify the machine fleet, reduce the list of necessary operations, save fuel and the plant protection products.
  • Rapid structural changes in agriculture are putting up new requirements to today’s agricultural machines. Future of land economies is in competitiveness and cost reduction. Line of 'A3Tech-Ukraine' company machines guarantees a quick return on your investment.
  • Choosing machines of 'A3Tech-Ukraine' company, you choose the individual approach, professional competence, high quality and innovativeness.