Spring Harrow "COMBER"

Spring Harrow "COMBER"

Spring harrow 'Comber' is intended for the destruction of the "white thread", the alignment of the field surface, the breaking of the soil crust and seedbed preparation. On request of the client, this unit can be completed optionally - with the system for the application of liquid fertilizers (KAS). This system consists of storage tank and automatic equipment that was manufactured by partners of the company 'A3Tech-Ukraine' - 'Lozivski mashyny'.

The harrow is used in the cultivation of any agricultural crops, its using must preserve the moisture content of the soil and promote soil aeration. The use of implement allows you to maintain a water balance due to the interruption of capillarity to the surface - the embedding of moisture (dry watering).
Early-spring harrowing of winter crops provides not only the moisture preservation, but also the embedding of fertilizers applied during top dressing, contributes to the destruction of the soil crust and better soil aeration, the removal of dead mass of plants, reducing the weed infestation with yearly and wintering weeds. The well-timed and qualitative harrowing increase the crop productivity by 1,2-3,0 metric centners per hectare. The carrying out of pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowings allows to reduce the weed infestation of annual grain and dicotyledonous weeds by 85-95%, which is especially important in the application of non-herbicidal technology of crop planting. Due to the working width, the implement can be used on grain and rape crops and while handling of fallow fields. It should be noted that harrowing is much more productive and cheaper than inter-row treatment on cover crops.
Harrow 'Comber' is used for harrowing out of weeds. The adequate use of this assembled unit allows significant savings of chemical means to control weeds. For the correct use of spring harrow, it is important to take into account the mellowness of soil, the type and phase of the development of plants and weeds, the implement speed and the teeth lead angle adjustment.
The harrow is intended for the following operations:

  • mechanical control of weeds
  • soil aeration
  • regulation of water balance
  • preservation of rarefiable soil
  • blind harrowing immediately before and after sowing
  • crop density in the planting of grain crops
  • conservation of living organisms in the soil
  • hung small-flowered crops (rape, grass, green manure crops) (option);

Technical characteristics

Working width, mm


Size of teeth, mm

142 + 68 (thread)

Number of teeth, pcs


Distance between teeth, mm


Number of teeth per 1m, pcs


Type of tooth, mm

Rhombus 20x15

Number of teeth rows, pcs


Tilt angle of the teeth, °


Depth of soil tilling, mm


Working length, mm


Work width, mm


Work height, mm


Transport height, mm


Transport width, mm


Transport length, mm


Road clearance not less than, mm


Weight, at most, kg


Working speed, km/hour


Productivity in 1 year of basic time, not less than, ha/hour


Required power of tractor, hp (kW), not less

255 (190)

Specific fuel consumption, kg/ha, at most


  • The assembly of the working sections of the harrow in the transport position provides the optimal dimensions for easy transport of the unit to the place of performance of the technological process on the roads of general purpose.
  •  The working body is a sword-shaped tooth made of high-quality structural steel 60С2А.

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